Migraine headaches eliminated

I had suffered from migrained (sic) headaches intermittently for most of my life and was pleased to work on this trait during the workshop. I continued with this as directed for several weeks afterwards. It was some time later that I actually realized that I had not had a headache since the class. The trait that Dr. Topping connects to migraine is the dislike of confronting differences and I was amazed one morning when I appeared to be developing a migraine headache to realize that I was in just such a situation. I did some stress release on the situation then carried it through and my headache did not develop further. This happened on two further occasions and each time I was able to avoid the headache by tackling the situation on hand. I have since carried out some more reprogramming of the trait and have not had a headache since that time.

- G.M., Scotland

Honey allergy corrected

I had been allergic to honey for approximately 15 years when I had a correction with Dr. Wayne Topping in December of '92. As soon as I would eat the honey, my mouth would begin to itch, then my throat would itch. Then as soon as it hit my stomach I would vomit it up. We were using the book Muscle Testing, Your Way to Health Using Emotions, Nutrition and Massage by the Biokinesiology Institute during a classroom session. I chose number 65 "Sunglasses-Light Bothers Eyes" to work on. I have had to wear sunglasses for approximately 15 years also (since about 1977). If I lost or forgot them I was in a panic and if I was closer to a store than my house I would go out and buy a pair. The tissue mentioned in #65 just below the ankle, was also sore, although I didn't know it until Wayne touched it. After the balance I was still a little skeptical. Wayne said I would be able to eat honey again and that I would see my sensitivity to sunlight gradually decrease. This would be the true test, as I was still not sure kinesiology was for real. Although I was intrigued enough to learn about it. But I felt, if this works, then I will learn all I can and help as many as I could with this non-invasive, all natural and gentle type of therapy. I was doing the 'growth work' as instructed, and planned on eating honey at the end of the three weeks when I was finished with the statements. When one day, everyone was gone and I was cleaning house. My young son did not eat his peanut butter and honey sandwich. So as I was cleaning I would take a bite every now and then, forgetting that it had honey in it. When it finally dawned on me, I had eaten half of it! I stood there waiting to get sick to my stomach. Nothing. My mouth didn't even itch! So I stood there and ate the whole thing. 'Surely if I eat it ALL I'll get sick,' I thought. Nothing. I was truly amazed and convinced of the authenticity of Biokinesiology. That was six months ago, as of this writing, and I now do not need to wear my sunglasses as I did. In fact, if I put them on out of habit when I am driving, I begin to realize that they are irritating me and will remove them. And I enjoy eating honey whenever I want to without hesitation. Although these were not life-threatening problems they did limit me at times. What a joy to have them corrected!

- E.F., California

Detergent sensitivity cleared

I am writing to let others know what your treatment methods can accomplish for allergy sufferers. Let me begin with my case history: About 8 months ago, I began to experience the classic symptoms of contact dermatitis and severe systemic allergy. I itched constantly, over my entire body. I could not sleep through the night without waking up five or six times in a frenzy of scratching. I was sleep deprived, and each day was a horror as I worried more about itching than I did about dealing with the day's tasks. During the day I often had to leave the room (whether it was at work, at school, or at a friend's house) because of the intensity of the allergic reaction. Before long, I was covered with raised red and white welts and I soon developed eczema along my arms and thighs. I consulted a physician and discovered that during these allergic attacks my blood pressure dropped as low at 50/35. I was told by my doctor that this reaction bordered on anaphylactic shock and possible death. In short, my allergic reaction had progressed from mere discomfort to a potentially life-threatening situation. I had to find the allergen and eliminate it, fast! Through a careful process of elimination, I traced the allergy to the commercial laundry detergent "Surf", which I had begun using at the same time the symptoms began. When I switched to a new detergent and re-washed all my clothes, the itching was reduced. Nevertheless, whenever I came in contact with anything that had been in the vicinity of this detergent, the welts would begin to form, and I was in for several hours of itching and hives. I dealt with this for over a month by taking antihistamines, which, though effective, would leave me drowsy and ineffective at work. I lived in constant fear that I would meet someone whose clothes had been washed in Surf, or that there was something in my closet that was still contaminated. Fortunately, it was around this time that I met you. You took a careful case history, and introduced clothing that had been washed in Surf. Initially, I reacted to the clothing at a distance of five feet. Within five minutes of your treatment, however, I was able to stand the clothing actually touching my face, with no ill effects whatsoever! What is even more amazing is that I then went to the grocery store (where I had previously been unable to even walk down the detergent aisle without itching unbearably), and I actually bought a box of Surf. I went home and put my hands into the detergent. Absolutely nothing happened!! Thanks to you, I am no longer worried that I may be accidentally exposed to this substance and possibly die as a result. You have made a true believer out of me. Thank you, Dr. Topping!

- K. M., California

Colitis attacks averted

For years I suffered with colitis attacks that would happen regularly and even wake me up while I was sleeping. They were often so painful that I would break into a sweat and many times thought about going to the hospital because of the pain. When one started to happen, my routine was to take some pain-killing medication and hope the pain would be gone by the time the painkiller wore off. I went to Wayne Topping's office and through muscle testing found out that my colitis attacks were primarily emotionally induced. He showed me how to do the Emotional Stress Release technique with eye rotations while saying affirmations like, 'I love and approve of myself', 'I create my own joy', and 'I choose to be a winner in life.' Now that I had the tools, whenever I felt a colitis attack beginning, I would "do my words" and the attack would invariably stop. The colitis attacks have now gone away completely.

- L.S., Washington

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