A New COVID-19 Era Website

My last teaching position as a geology professor had been at Western Washington University in Bellingham, in the northwest corner of the continental United States. I fell in love with the city and its natural surroundings, right on the eastern shores of Puget Sound, just over an hour’s drive from the Cascade mountain range, where I could pursue my love of hiking and climbing. And I was between Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada just over an hour to the north and Seattle was 1 ½ hours to the south, so I was close to two large cities while enjoying living in a much smaller city. Consequently when I decided to pursue a new career in kinesiology I decided to make Bellingham my home base. I worked with clients and taught classes locally, developed over 20 classes in Wellness Kinesiology and flew to up to 15 countries each year to teach seminars. I imagined I would spend the rest of my life as a resident of Bellingham.

However, the universe had other plans. I met a French-Canadian who lived in the United Kingdom, at a conference in Italy. I decided Diane was more exciting than Bellingham. Diane had grandchildren and I was smart enough to recognize that you did not separate grandmothers from grandchildren, so three years later, in 2010, after 35 years in the United States, I closed down Topping International Institute, Inc., hopped on a plane and flew to the UK to begin the next chapter of my life in Burnley, just north of Manchester.

While operating my business in Bellingham I had a website to advertise classes and lectures, and to promote book sales. Once in the UK, my business was focused on teaching seminars internationally. I could do that without a functioning website.

Then COVID-19 happened. I was already in the midst of writing a book summarising many of the most valuable techniques I have learned and developed over the past 44 years to address the stress in our lives – without using muscle testing. Little did I know that COVID-19 would force people to have to self-isolate, so they were dependent on their own knowledge to handle the curve ball the universe threw at us all. Out of necessity I now teach my courses in kinesiology disciplines via Zoom. I have invested in a new website as the nature of my work changes, to promoting new books, and teaching webinars online. Historically I have avoided social media like the plague, but circumstances are forcing me to embrace what I formerly had no time for.

And that is why I have a new website, thanks in part to the virus.