Advanced Emotional Work

Advanced Emotional Work:

Previously we had effective ways to identify dysfunctional beliefs and to dismantle them. However, clients often had to do daily growth work for at least three weeks to completely eliminate such beliefs. Now, finally, we have procedures that can change the beliefs in one session. You will be taught the mindsets of those who succeed, rise to the occasion, go on to achieve greatness in spite of their pasts; in contrast with those who fail, or begin life with great promise then crash and burn when faced with adversity. You will explore the circumstances that lead to negative self-talk or feelings of shame and unworthiness that create massive psychological reversal. You will learn how to dismantle the beliefs or eliminate the emotional stress at age of cause. How to address spiritually rooted diseases. These tools are simple yet powerful enough to get people unstuck in one session.

Prerequisites: Stress Release 4, Defusing Negative Personality Traits.

Duration: 16 hours

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