Stress Release 3 - Defusing Stuck Emotions

Stress Release 3 (Defusing Stuck Emotions)

Psychologist Dr Roger Callahan created a relatively simple yet very effective protocol to eliminate phobias and the anxiety that often underlies addictions. He also discovered a simple way to identify and correct for psychological and massive reversal, major ways in which we sabotage ourselves. Just as fear can become stuck to give rise to phobias and anxiety, so too other emotions can become stuck creating anger, rage, hostility, grief, depression, mournfulness, etc. We’ll explore the relationship of these emotions to the law of the five elements and modify Callahan’s approach to get these emotional states unstuck. Those of you working with clients will probably use these procedures daily once you have taken this class.

Prerequisite: Stress Release 1, Touch for Health 1 (preferably Touch for Health 2)

Duration: 8 hours

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