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I had suffered from migrained (sic) headaches intermittently for most of my life and was pleased to work on this trait during the workshop. I continued with this as directed for several weeks afterwards. It was some time later that I actually realized that I had not had a headache since the class. The trait that Dr. Topping connects to migraine is the dislike of confronting differences and I was amazed one morning when I appeared to be developing a migraine headache to realize that I was in just such a situation. I did some stress release on the situation then carried it through and my headache did not develop further. This happened on two further occasions and each time I was able to avoid the headache by tackling the situation on hand. I have since carried out some more reprogramming of the trait and have not had a headache since that time. Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

G.M., Scotland

For years I suffered with colitis attacks that would happen regularly and even wake me up while I was sleeping. They were often so painful that I would break into a sweat and many times thought about going to the hospital because of the pain. When one started to happen, my routine was to take some pain-killing medication and hope the pain would be gone by the time the painkiller wore off. I went to Wayne Topping's office and through muscle testing found out that my colitis attacks were primarily emotionally induced. He showed me how to do the Emotional Stress Release technique with eye rotations while saying affirmations like, 'I love and approve of myself', 'I create my own joy', and 'I choose to be a winner in life.' Now that I had the tools, whenever I felt a colitis attack beginning, I would "do my words" and the attack would invariably stop. The colitis attacks have now gone away completely.

L.S., Washington

Dear Dr. Topping:

   I would like to express my appreciation for the lecture and demonstrations you gave in my Thinking and Imagination class (Psych. 342). It tied in well with our discussions of hemispheric localization of function, symbols and their uses, and Kuhn’s notion of the crucial role paradigms play in our attempts to understand.

   The students are still talking about your demonstrations – they were the hit of the quarter!

S. C. Prof. of Psychology, United States