Biokinesiology, live it!

Wayne became a Touch for Health Instructor while living in southern California in 1977. At first it was a hobby. He was teaching geology as a profession and teaching Touch for Health classes in the evenings or in the weekends. TFH sparked an interest in holistic health in general. The hobby began to swallow up more and more of his time. In 1978-79, Dr Topping was a visiting professor of geology at Western Washington University in Bellingham. He secured that teaching position ahead of 200 others who applied for the same position. Oil and mining were depressed so many geologists were looking for essentially non-existent teaching positions. After that Dr Topping faced the prospect of going to Boston one year, Atlanta the next then Los Angeles looking for visiting professorships until mining and oil picked up again. On the other hand, he was enjoying teaching TFH classes so decided this would be an opportune time to retrain for a different career.


In the summer of 1979, Dr Topping met John Barton, developer of Biokinesiology. He was impressed by the number of ways John could balance a muscle and he  was intrigued by his use of at least 361 pairs of emotions. Consequently, Wayne decided to take a 290 hour Biokinesiology Practitioner Course in 1980 at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon, then a subsequent 184 hours of further training between 1981 and 1988. Wayne was invited to teach Biokinesiology overseas beginning in 1984 and over a period of years split it up into more specialized modules – Biokinetic Exercises, Energy Centers, etc., for teaching convenience.


The Biokinesiology Institute’s Practitioner Training was no longer available after 1981; consequently Wayne saw it as one of his major missions over the years to introduce some of the  major concepts from Biokinesiology to the Touch for Health community so that others could benefit from John Barton’s vast research. Wayne had a good working relationship with John. So, for example, when his book Allergies! How to Find and Conquer was no longer in print Wayne got John’s permission to reorganize it, without changing its content, and having it published by Topping International Institute. Likewise, the Biokinesiology Institute published a book called Be Your Own Chiropractor (now out of print) where John introduced us to biokinetic exercises. Wayne got John’s permission to put together a volume called Biokinetic Exercises where he described the biokinetic exercises for 102 muscles, tendons and ligaments, including the major tissues that would be of benefit to people coming from a TFH background.