Biokinetic Exercises

Biokinetic Exercises:

Over 50 percent of our body mass is muscle. Deficits or excesses of energy within these muscles create many of our aches and pains. By holding hypotonic or hypertonic muscles in specific positions you will be able to eliminate these imbalances so that the aches and pains disappear. During Day 1 we will learn how to apply these biokinetic exercises to muscles in the lower back and neck/shoulder areas without using muscle testing. Then we will explore 19 major muscles throughout the body (14 are from Touch for Health 1).  On the second day we will explore a further 79 muscles, tendons and a ligament arranged according to location within the body – head/neck, shoulders, upper arm, fore arm, wrist/palm/fingers, hips, knees, feet, abdomen, jaw and spine. You will learn whether the imbalances are muscles, tendons or ligaments and the optimal positions to achieve balance. You can do biokinetic exercises for yourself or with others. This is a wonderful class for body workers and those wanting to become more familiar with the body’s kinetic tissues.

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1 (Touch for Health 2 is highly recommended).

Duration: 16 hours

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