Overcoming Addictions

Overcoming Addictions:

What are the differences between habits and addictions, physical addiction and psychological addiction? What about cravings? We explore these issues with most emphasis on cigarettes, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. However, understanding the true underpinnings of psychological addiction allows you to address any addiction. We look at nutritional approaches to dealing with cravings, habits and physical addiction and address two of the main concerns for cigarette smokers wanting to quit – weight gain and withdrawal symptoms. You’ll also learn why the most-touted programme in the world for overcoming alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous has a success rate of perhaps 5-8%, which is lower than the rate at which alcoholics can spontaneously quit an addiction to alcohol!

Prerequisites: Nutritional Testing, Touch for Health 2, Stress Release 3 & Stress Release 4

Duration: 16 hours

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