Wellness Kinesiology Instructor Training

Wellness Kinesiology Instructor Training

To train students who desire to teach basic Wellness Kinesiology classes - Stress Release 1 & 2 (Success over Distress), SR 3 (Defusing Stuck Emotions), and SR  4 (Working with Emotions). If students have already taken the Energy Centers class, then that can also be included within the Instructor Training. All subject matter will be reviewed. Students are expected to give presentations during the workshop: at least two or three small presentations and two major ones (c. 10-20 minutes each). These larger presentations are graded. A Wellness Kinesiology Teaching Tips manual provides background on the development of Wellness Kinesiology and basic concepts and teaching tips for each class.

 Upon successful completion of the WKIT, the new instructor will sign an agreement to use only the approved manual and agree to pay a royalty per student per day of classes to Wellness Kinesiology Institute.


Prerequisites: 1) To have taken SR 1-4 classes at least once each.

                         2) To be a Touch for Health Instructor or to have an equivalent training, to

                              ensure a solid knowledge of basic muscle testing.  

Duration: 40-48 hours, depending upon the number of students in the training

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