Who is Dr. Wayne Topping?

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Dr. Wayne Topping

Wayne was born in New Zealand and went to Victoria University in Wellington where he earned a BSc degree (double major in geology & botany), a BSc Honours degree (1st class) in geology, and a PhD in geology. Researching active and dormant volcanoes, glacial deposits, and archaeology in Israel, were fascinating; and Dr Topping loved teaching university-level geology. However, Wayne had become a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977 in the United States and he was hooked.  Wayne found balancing the body through kinesiology even more fascinating! By 1980 he was ready to change careers. Wayne trained with John Barton at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon to become a Biokinesiology Instructor. He has since trained with over 30 developers of kinesiology courses. While based in Bellingham, Washington for 30 years, Wayne co-founded Topping International Institute, Inc., wrote six books, founded Wellness Kinesiology and developed 18 of its courses, and taught extensively in 23 countries.

Wayne has also continued his passion for Touch for Health. He became an International Kinesiology College faculty member for the United States in 2000. In 2010, Dr Topping moved to the United Kingdom where he founded the Wellness Kinesiology Institute. He is currently IKC faculty for Russia and Hungary, is currently on the Personal Development School board, and has previously served on the TFH School board.

Dr Topping has maintained an active interest in geology and hikes and climbs in the mountains as often as he can. He has also taken the occasional foray into the air with trapezing, hang-gliding and skydiving. He is passionate about teaching and spreading kinesiology and doesn’t believe in retirement.